Paris MOU adopts new Black-Grey-White list

At its 38th meeting last week, the Paris MOU Executive Committee considered the 2004 inspection results and adopted the new Black-Grey-White list.

Notable changes compared to last year are a smaller Black List (a net decrease of 5) and a slightly larger White List (a net increase of 2). The largest flag on the Black List is Panama.

Bulgaria, Cyprus, India, Iran, Malta and Morocco have moved from the Black List to the Grey List, while Brazil and Taiwan, China have slipped from the Grey List to the Black List. Most of the very high-risk flags remain so in 2004 - the three worst performers are Albania, North Korea and Tonga.

 The Philippines, Malaysia, Barbados and the Cayman Islands have moved up to the White List. 

Ships flying a flag on the "Black List" are more likely to be inspected, and for certain ship types, banning after multiple detentions will be used as a sanction. 

Several of the flags on the "White List" appear to be using their position as an indication of a quality register, according to the Paris MoU statement. 

Click here to view a Press Release giving further details. 

Contact: Howard Snaith