Paris MoU expanded Port State Control inspections

We would like to take the opportunity to remind members about the Paris MoU "Mandatory Expanded Inspection" scheme, with its annual expanded inspection requirement, which came into force on 22 July 2003.

Its requirements apply to the following ship types:

- Oil tankers over 3,000 GRT and over 15 years old

- Chemical and gas carriers over 10 years old

- Bulk carriers over 12 years old

- Passenger ships over 15 years old (except ro-ro ferries and High Speed Craft)

These ships are eligible for an expanded inspection every 12 months. The document “New Port State Control requirements from 22 July 2003” gives full details.

One important aspect is that when a vessel becomes eligible for an expanded inspection, it must give 3 days’ notice of arrival at a Paris MoU port, or before leaving the previous port if the voyage is less than 3 days.

The document "Procedures relating to expanded inspection of oil tankers" gives full details.

The Paris MoU has, over the last few years, initiated discussions with various parts of the industry with a view to improving communications. These discussions have resulted in the introduction of the "Detention Review Procedure" (an INTERTANKO initiative), and more transparency in the disclosure of information through the Paris MoU website and EQUASIS.

The Paris MoU now believes it is time to call together a group of significant players, including class, operators, bankers, insurance, P&I clubs, and INTERTANKO, to discuss the next stage, which will focus on the development of partnerships. To this end the Paris MoU will be hosting a High Level Forum “Commitment through Partnerships” for the leading players in the marine industry to discuss how industry and Port States can join forces to improve standards in the marine industry. The forum will be held on 6 October in The Hague.

The Forum will also cover the question of the consistency of PSC inspections through a new training programme for PSC Officers. The Paris MoU believes that training of PSC Officers is a key factor in ensuring a level playing field for the quality ship operator and other stakeholders.

"The time has come for all stakeholders to play an active part in the development of the new training methods which could, in the future, become the world standard," said the Paris MoU .

Contact: Howard Snaith