Paris MoU performing concentrated inspection campaign on seafarers’ working and living conditions

Commencing 1 October 2004 the 20 maritime authorities of the Paris MoU will carry out a concentrated inspection campaign focusing on seafarers’ working and living conditions. The inspection campaign will last 3 months, ending on 31 December 2004.

In practice the concentrated inspection campaign will mean that during every port state control (PSC) inspection within the Paris MOU region, the working and living conditions will be verified in more detail for compliance with the international standards of the ILO Merchant Shipping (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 147) and the Protocol 1996 to ILO147.

If deficiencies are found, the PSC Officer will conduct an in-depth investigation into working and living conditions on board. When deficiencies are found, sanctions by the port state may vary, from recording the deficiency and instructing the master to rectify within 14 days, to the detention of the ship until all deficiencies have been rectified.

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Contact: Howard Snaith