Possibility of oiling of ships at La Coruña

There is currently some concern regarding the potential oiling of ships’ hulls in or around the area of the Prestige incident and the port of La Coruña as there are suggestions of oil slicks in the vicinity.

Although these concerns have been raised no reports of such incidents have been received and the port area is at present clear of oil.

The advice given to INTERTANKO recommends that tankers in the area need to be vigilant as there are reports of some slicks south west of the port. It is difficult to predict where the oil is at any one moment as it is shifting at between 15 and 20 miles a day, so there is of course a risk that ships may come into contact with it.

INTERTANKO has been in touch with the authorities in the region but no official advice has been given to operators in the area. Vessels are currently operating as normal in and around the port.

Members with concerns regarding this matter can contact the Finisterre Traffic and Control, +34 981 76 73 20 or INTERTANKO:

tim.wilkins@intertanko.com or gunnar.knudsen@intertanko.com