Proposed voluntary IMO model audit scheme

At the MSC 77 a "working group" has been set up to explore the proposal for a voluntary IMO Model Audit Scheme, the purpose of which is to improve Member States’ implementation of appropriate IMO instruments, obligations and responsibilities.

A number of Member States made a proposal last year for a voluntary IMO Model Audit Scheme to be considered at the 77th session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at IMO London 28 May - 6 June 2003.

At this Session a "working group" was set up to facilitate discussion on a possible framework for such a scheme with particular reference to issues such as standards, guidelines and procedures that would have to be adopted for the scheme to be introduced.

The purpose of the voluntary audit scheme is to enhance the performance of the Member States in implementing fully and effectively appropriate IMO instruments, obligations and responsibilities.

It is the intention that such a scheme will encourage ship operators to examine whether a National Flag has substance before registering their ships under it and to encourage Flag Administrations to effect any improvements that might be necessary.

To date the working group has achieved its set tasks and will present its report at the end of the week. INTERTANKO played an active part in the working group and will continue to monitor the progress of such a voluntary scheme as it is further developed and formulated.

Contact: Philip Shenton