Q88.com new features and IMO submission

Members are reminded of the additional service provided by INTERTANKO in conjunction with Q88.com. As previously advised, the Q88.com vessel questionnaire service is integrated into INTERTANKO's range of services to members and will be available to all INTERTANKO members and associate members at a 10% discount on the standard price of the services provided by Q88.com, with a 50% discount on the Q88.com set-up fee when signing up for the service.  

Q88.com allows tanker owners/managers to quickly and accurately fill in and distribute oil company and terminal questionnaires on-line. The information on a particular tanker is only entered once and is then re-used to generate over 500 different questionnaires.  Q88.com also has a certificate module that allows the ship owner to upload the various certificates directly on to the web site making it easier for the operations staff to forward certificates onto customers and agents when requested.  

Building upon this aspect of online access to certification, INTERTANKO has made a written submission to the IMO (to both the Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) and the Marine Safety Committee (MSC) (click here to view) outlining the online access capability within Q88.com that exists today. This is a good example of how this process can be brought to the attention of IMO following a suggestion from the IMO's Facilitation Committee (FAL) that MSC consider whether access by port state control officers to the information on certificates of ships engaged in international voyages would be facilitated and simplified through the use of modern technology. 

At present the following documents and certificates are commonly uploaded on the Q88.com website, although there is no restriction on which documents can be uploaded: 

International Tonnage Certificate (1A)

International Load Line Certificate (2A)

Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (7B)

International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (6A)

International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (5A)

Cargo Securing Manual (9B)

Document of Compliance (8A)

Safety Management Certificate (9A)

International Ship Security Certificate (or Interim) (10A)

Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate (14A)

Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate (15A)

Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate (16A)

Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (17A)

Certificate of Insurance or Other Financial Security in respect of Civil Liabilities for Oil Pollution Damage (20A)

Condition Assessment Scheme Statement of Compliance, CAS Final Report and Review Record (17B)

International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (21A)

Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan for Noxious Liquid Substances (22B)

(International) Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (22A)

(International) Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage (23A). 

In addition, Q88.com features also include tracking of oil company vettings, weekly notification of expired vettings and certificates, monthly notification of new questionnaires. There are currently over 500 questionnaires available, which are being used by over 270 tanker owners with an aggregate fleet of over 3,000 vessels.  

Contact: Howard Snaith