Recent lifeboat incident report recommends early compliance with MSC Circ 1093

A recent report from the Nautical Institute’s Marine Accident Reporting Scheme (MARS) recommends that owners of ships fitted with lifeboats from a Taiwanese manufacturer have these checked by a classification society or lifeboat specialist, following an accident which killed two seafarers and seriously injured three others.

The warning by the Hong Kong Marine Department, relayed by MARS, has been issued after its investigation of an accident, during a lifeboat drill on a vessel anchored off Port Hedland in Australia, revealed that one of the fixing plates, which attach the suspension gear to the lifeboat some 16m above the water, had detached through corrosion.

The Taiwanese manufacturer judged responsible for the design and manufacture of the equipment has been identified as the Blue Sea Industrial Co of Taiwan, China, which has now been closed down. The Hong Kong report suggests that owners of ships fitted with such equipment “seek technical assistance to look into the structure and holding arrangement”.

The MARS report contains details of a further incident in which a boat being lowered during a port state control inspection fell on to a quay when a fall parted, seriously injuring the occupants.

The full MARS report can be accessed here.