Reception Facility Forum meets for its second session

Following on the success of the port Reception Facility Forum meeting held in January this year, the second meeting was held on 15 April 2004 at INTERTANKO’s offices in London. Again support was forthcoming from the shipping industry and ports industry alike, with attendance also by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) secretariat and the European Maritime and Safety Agency (EMSA).

Chaired by Guido Van Meel on behalf of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), the meeting was structured around four presentations: 1) from the shipping industry’s perspective, 2) from the ports’ perspective, 3) an overview of EMSA’s involvement and, 4) an overview of the IMO’s latest work on the issue.

This generated a substantial and positive discussion on the problems with technical, regulatory and cost aspects related to waste reception in ports. A strong degree of cooperation and a willingness to work together in search of a solution to the myriad of problems raised was again at the heart of the discussions.

As a way forward for the Forum, an item-by-item list has been developed which will act as the work programme for the Forum. At present in draft format, the list covers the main problem areas of communication, harmonisation, control, equipment and regulation. The issues covered stem from problems raised by the shipping sector including the desire for a harmonised fee mechanism, improved communication on the facilities available within ports and the various legislative interpretations being implemented in ports around the world.

Full details of the work programme for the Forum will be published in the INTERTANKO Weekly NEWS once it has been approved by the Forum members.

Contact: Tim Wilkins