Report on IMO’s Sub-Committee on Fire Protection, FP 50, 9-13 January 2006

Further to the preliminary report on the 50th meeting of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Fire Protection (FP 50)  in Weekly NEWS No. 02/2006 of 13 January 2006, we are pleased to include a detailed report on the outcome of the various issues discussed and the decisions taken by the Sub-Committee.

As a point of clarification there were many issues on the FP Agenda that would usually have been on the DE (Design & Equipment) agenda, but due to the heavy work load for DE, these items (specifically on Life Saving Appliances (LSA)) were transferred to FP 50. They include:

Ø       Measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats;

Ø       Compatibility of life-saving appliances

Ø       Inconsistencies in IMO instruments regarding requirements for LSA

A substantial correspondence group had been established previously by the IMO to undertake a large portion of this work, in which INTERTANKO participated. The reports from this group were then reviewed at the IMO, both in Plenary and by the FP Life Saving Appliances (LSA) Working Group last week.  

Click here to view the detailed report on: 

  1. The LSA-Working Group - Draft proposed amendments to SOLAS Chapter III;
  2. Crew arrangements during free-fall lifeboat launching practice;
  3. A consolidated MSC Circular to replace current multiple circulars;
  4. Report of AustralianPortState Control (PSC) - Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC);
  5. Measures to prevent fires in engine-rooms and cargo pump-rooms;
  6. IACS unified interpretations – paint lockers.
Contact: Fredrik Larsson