Report urges holistic view of fatigue

In an ITF-commissioned report made by Cardiff University's Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology Fatigue, working conditions are cited as one of the reasons why many young seafarers leave the sea at an early stage.


Despite many examples of work-related death, injury and ill-health among seafarers pointing to fatigue as a cause, the issue is not being properly tackled, the report states. It also says: "Manning levels need to be addressed in a realistic way that prevents economic advantage accruing to those who operate with bare minimums". It further recommends that manning levels should take into consideration the need for maintenance, recovery time, redundancy and the additional burden of paperwork.


The report is to be presented to annual meeting of the IMO's Standards of Training and Watchkeeping Sub-committee on 23 January 2007.


The report can be downloaded from ITF's website:

Contact: Fredrik Larsson