Results of INTERTANKO Cadet Berth Survey 2007

The results of the survey on cadet berth availability, set in motion earlier this year by INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC), are now available.


HEiSC believed that it would be useful to undertake a confidential survey of INTERTANKO members to determine the present situation of cadet berth availability among the membership. The questions asked in the survey were as follows:


• How many cadets are currently employed by each company?

• How many ships at present can accommodate cadets?

• How many ships are expected to accommodate cadets in the next 3 years?

• How many cadets are planned to be employed within the next 3 years?


In reviewing its Terms of Reference at its first meeting earlier this year, several initial priorities were agreed that would be focused on by the Committee as core underlying human element issues. One particular aspect is: “Development of measures that attract and retain people with the highest quality marine skills and competencies”.


The Committee felt that the key element here is staff supply and the shortage of seafarers generally. In addition:


·         There are difficulties in securing cabin space onboard ships for cadets.

·         The problems are exacerbated due to dry sector officers training to become tanker officers in the wet sector, which is subsequently further reducing the dry bulk sector manning resources.

·         Trained officers move frequently within different companies.


The Committee discussed many aspects and how it might positively influence the current manning shortage, which is expected to become more severe as the newbuilding programme continues over the next few years. It was noted that INTERTANKO's Council agreed at its meeting in November 2006 that:


“In an effort to increase the number of qualified competent officers at sea and to safeguard the tanker industry of the future, INTERTANKO members agreed to consider that, as part of a planned programme for officer training, they will commit to enlisting Apprentice Officers (Cadets), for each vessel operated, where suitable certified cabin space exists onboard the vessel to accommodate them, and where it is possible to acquire young capable Cadet Officers of a suitably qualified nature.


In addition, recognising the trend in today's practice of restrictions in accommodation by shipyards, INTERTANKO members further agree to consider that new buildings should include suitable certified cabin space for cadets as part of any new building specification. Further that INTERTANKO will, (in parallel) endeavour to ensure that the Tripartite Forum (Owners, Shipbuilders and Class) will include cadet berth availability in their work programme with the aim that classification societies make cadet berths a mandatory requirement in standard ship design."


The results of the survey can be accessed here.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Fredrik Larsson