It would appear that for the foreseeable future, port state control officers of the USCG, Paris MOU and Tokyo MOU will accept documentary proof that seafarers without the needed STCW documents or endorsements have made appropriate application to their flag administration or recognized organization for such documents or endorsements.

The proof could be a written confirmation from the administration or organization that an application has been received from the individual. Alternatively, a copy of the seafarer's application, clearly showing the name, certificate number, date of issue, and validity may be accepted.


Further to several earlier weekly news articles concerning STCW endorsement and the recent press release by the Paris MoU, which can be viewed here, the press release by the USCG regarding their enforcement of STCW 95 after 31 July 2002 can now be viewed here and the Tokyo MoU Press release can now be viewed here.


The ISF Guidelines for advice to Companies can be viewed here.  

The original grace period regarding STCW enforcement is due to expire on 1 August 2002.


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