Salvage issues

Through our reciprocal membership of the International Salvage Union (ISU), an update of salvage related issues came out of the 9 March ISU Associates’ Day meeting in London. 

As ever, the ISU and the shipping industry’s requirements are similar: the need for timely and certain processes to acquire salvage services when required. Figures to be formally released by the ISU in the near future showed that ISU members assisted 266 vessels in 2004 (218 in 2003) and recovered approximately 735,000 tons of pollutants. Comments were made that “large laden tankers rarely feature in the current workload of salvors these days”. Wreck removal was one issue which was increasingly an issue for port states and was being addressed through the IMO’s Wreck Convention – now adopted in 48 countries.

Other issues addressed included: 

-               The need for balance between owners and salvors in respect of equitable terms and adequate financial incentives to continue the provision of salvage services; 

-               The complexity of ensuring adequacy of financial reward for salvors, SCOPIC rates having been unaltered since 1999; 

-               The need for adequate places of refuge for ships in distress; 

-               The position of environmental pollution within the law of salvage. 

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Contact:Rob Lomas