Ship Recycling Plan Circulated by IMO

Following extensive work carried out during the last Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting in October this year, the IMO has now circulated the approved Ship Recycling Plan. The Ship Recycling Plan forms a crucial part of the IMO Guidelines on Ship Recycling, providing the grounding for the technical and operational aspects which the recycling facility will need to consider when recycling a particular ship.

This model plan provides guidance to recycling yards in particular, ensuring that the facilities provide a Worker Safety and Health Plan, an Environmental Compliance Plan and an Operational Plan. Although the plan should be drawn up by the recycling facility, the ship owner will also have a role to play in situations relating to pre-recycling work, such as the identification and marking of potentially hazardous materials on board.

Click here to download  IMO’s circular, Circ.419 from the IMO website.

Contact: Tim Wilkins