Special Security Alert Systems – 1/7/2004 deadline for installation

A reminder for ship owners and operators to plan ahead for the first radio installation survey after July 1, 2004 or 2006 (as appropriate). The scheduled work should be checked to ensure that it includes installation of the ship security alert (SSA) system. Failure to have the required equipment installed at or before that radio survey will constitute a violation of the SOLAS Convention and may adversely affect the ability of the vessel to trade.

The relevant parts of the SOLAS regulations are the December 2002 amendments, adopted in December 2002 for entry into force 1/7/2004, particularly the new Chapter XI-2 (special measures to enhance maritime security).

Regulation XI-2/5 requires all ships to be provided with a ship security alert system, according to a strict timetable that will see most vessels fitted by 2004 and the remainder by 2006. When activated the ship security alert system shall initiate and transmit a ship-to-shore security alert to a competent authority designated by the Administration, identifying the ship, its location and indicating that the security of the ship is under threat or it has been compromised. The system will not raise any alarm on-board the ship. The ship security alert system shall be capable of being activated from the navigation bridge and in at least one other location.

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