Statoil safety alert - control of ships' lifting equipment

Members are informed that a fatal accident has occurred on board a shuttle tanker during discharging at Mongstad terminal. The vessel was taking on board stores/provisions using the transverse crane on the poop deck.

It appears that some company procedures in this respect could be better, especially those concerning maintenance. Statoil has informed its inspectors to focus more on the lifting equipment/lifting appliances by performing the following checks:

  • Check that the vessel can document maintenance , control routines and testing in accordance with PMS and Makers'  recommendations (special focus on limit switches and emergency stop switches/lever arms/endstoppers).
  • Check use of checklist before operating the lifting equipment/appliances.
  • Check documented familiarisation programme /training of crane operators.
  • Check SWL marking of lifting equipment (including pad eyes in position which are used with a rated appliance).
  • Check that the lifting equipment/appliances are certified.
  • That the lifting equipment/appliances have been checked yearly by a competent person, and every fifth year by a competent firm.
  • Check that the "Chain Register Booklet" is up to date.
  • Check that bitter ends (i.e. the end attached in the chain locker) of lifting wires are attached as per Maker's recommendations. If U-bolt wire clamps are used then check that said clamps are attached in the correct way.