Submission of accident reports

We refer to Weekly NEWS articles, in which we have outlined the work we are undertaking in connection with the recent spate of chemical accidents. This issue was further discussed at the IMO’s Marine Safety Committee meeting this week (MSC 79).

France made a submission to IMO regarding the accident onboard the tanker M.V. "Chassiron". INTERTANKO led the initiative to establish a joint intervention together with our industry partners the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Parcel Tankers Association (IPTA). Click here to download a copy of the intervention.

The key points we raised were that the main accident report conducted by France’s marine accident investigation organisation Bureau d’Enquetes Accidents – Mer (BEA-Mer) was not yet available, and accordingly had not been studied by any party other than France. We urged caution in accepting the stated conclusions and recommendations made by France. We further invited the support and assistance of all parties concerned with this issue, and especially flag states, who have an obligation to submit reports of their investigations into incidents in accordance with Assembly resolution A.849(20). We  concluded that any corrective action that may be considered should be based on a deliberation of the facts in open forum. Hastily adopted measures, particularly in this case, run the very real danger of masking underlying causes and compounding the situation.

There was general agreement that the accident report (which would be available imminently) should be sent to the Flag State Implementation Committee (FSI-13), due to meet 7-11 March 2005, for their consideration. It would also be sent to the Fire Protection Committee (FP -49), which meets 24-28 January 2005 (for its information only at this time pending instructions from FSI-13 through the MSC) . It was also agreed that flag states would submit casualty investigation reports to IMO for incidents to date. It was also recognised by IMO that industry was undertaking joint investigative work into these incidents.

Contact: Howard Snaith