Following a request to INTERTANKO for support in providing adequate reception facilities in Canadian ports, Transport Canada have approached INTERTANKO for information relating to specific cases of inadequate port waste reception facilities.

In an effort to "reduce the illegal discharge of liquid pollutants into the marine environment and contribute to a long-term reduction in loss of wild life due to oiling and toxic petrochemicals", Transport Canada seek INTERTANKO’s support in advancing their initiative entitled “Adequacy of Port Waste Reception Facilities for Ship Generated Waste and Cargo Residues”. Transport Canada have outlined three impediments to progress on this issue:


1/ Getting the ship to forward evidence and justification supporting the needs of the ship.

2/ Overcoming resistance to including ships’ waste as a component of the waste management stream of the port and refinery.

3/ Getting the key provincial ministries of the environment and the Canadian Council for the Ministers of the Environment (CCME) to objectively contribute to discussions on this initiative.


INTERTANKO has been called upon to address the matter in point one relating to evidence of inadequate facilities in Canadian Ports. Consequently, members are invited to inform masters of the INTERTANKO Reception Facility feedback form and to ensure that any cases in Canadian ports are reported to INTERTANKO.


Contact: Tim Wilkins, e-mail: 

Reception Facilities Feedback Form, Click here for more information.