Terminal Vetting Database (TVD) Upgrade

INTERTANKO is pleased to announce that acting on suggestions from the Vetting Committee, INTERTANKO has completed two upgrades to its Terminal Vetting Database as follows:

1. Low entry score alert system

When a report is entered with a score of 2 or less (this value is configurable on the sliding score scale of 1- 5) it will generate an automatic report via e-mail that will be sent to the following INTERTANKO staff:

i/ Marine & Chemical Director

ii/ Webmaster

iii/ TVD administrative staff

This immediately alerts the secretariat to the problem enabling INTERTANKO to react to the safety concern. If felt appropriate, INTERTANKO can also report it to OCIMF, which has requested such advice to enable it to maximise its resources with its “Marine Terminal Baseline Criteria and Assessment Questionnaire". OCIMF would in essence undertake a full safety assessment of the terminal in accordance with its Terminal operating standards.

It will also enable INTERTANKO to follow up on the poor report directly with the company that submitted it and ensure that corrective action is being taken comprising either of the two options encouraged by the Vetting Committee, namely:

i/ A non-adversarial approach by the owner to the terminal to amicably resolve the issue

ii/ If this route is unsatisfactory, an approach by INTERTANKO to the terminal.

2. Terminal report counters

A counter has been installed on the home page of the TVD that shows how many reports have been entered into the database. It is divided into three parts:

.i/ The total number of reports entered for Loading Ports

ii/ The total number of reports entered for Discharging Ports

iii/ The overall total number of reports entered into the database.

This provides an easy, quick overview of how frequently reports are being entered and how well the database is been utilised. The counters will be automatically updated every day.

INTERTANKO continues to receive the majority of terminal reports from its members by fax. We would like to remind members that within the database there is an easy to use function that enables reports to be completed on line via the INTERTANKO web site at the following link

Contact: Howard Snaith