Tokyo MoU – Detention Review Panel now in effect

As advised to members in Weekly NEWS No. 10 of 5 March 2004, as part of the ongoing work by INTERTANKO's Vetting Committee, and subsequent to INTERTANKO's approach to the Paris MoU on Port State Control in 2001 on the creation of an independent detention review board, INTERTANKO and its 'Round Table' colleagues (ICS, BIMCO, and INTERCARGO) wrote to the Tokyo MoU proposing that a similar independent detention review board be created within the Tokyo MoU.  

We are very pleased to announce that the Tokyo MoU have now instigated such a process and issued guidelines on their website.

Whilst the findings of the Tokyo MoU Detention Review Panel are not binding, they may provide justification for the detaining port state to amend its inspection data already inserted in the Asia-Pacific Computerised Information System (APCIS), and to inform the MoU Secretariat and the APCIS Manager accordingly. The recommendation of the Panel could not be used as a ground for claiming financial compensation.

For a full overview of the procedures involved please visit the Tokyo MoU web site.

We are very grateful to the Tokyo MoU for taking our views and proposals onboard.

Contact: Howard Snaith