Tokyo MoU agrees industry suggestion to set up detention review panel

As part of ongoing work by INTERTANKO’s Vetting Committee, and subsequent to INTERTANKO’s approach to the Paris MoU in 2001 on the creation of an independent detention review board, INTERTANKO and its ‘Round Table’ colleagues wrote to the Tokyo MoU proposing that a similar independent detention review board be created within the Tokyo MoU. Click here to view the submitted letter.

We have received an encouraging response from the Tokyo MoU advising that the Tokyo MOU Port State Control Committee considered our suggestion last week at its meeting in Vanuatu and agreed in principle to the establishment of a detention review panel.

The Committee accordingly asked the standing working group to prepare draft guidelines for the detention review panel, taking into account the guidelines of the Paris MOU, and to submit the proposal for consideration at the next meeting scheduled to be held in Shanghai in November 2004.

INTERTANKO will keep members informed of developments.

Contact: Howard Snaith