U.K. Department for Transport reports on lifeboat accidents

The U.K. Department for Transport (DFT) has posted on the internet its response to a Freedom of Information request for incidents involving lifeboats since 1 January 2000. 

The DFT advises that data is provided for accidents, injuries and incidents that have been reported to the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) in the period 1 January 2000 to 29 September 2005 where:  

  • MAIB has specifically recorded that the incident involved a fast rescue craft (FRC) or "Lifeboat/Rescue craft"; and/or
  • The text describing the incident includes one of "launch", "lifeboat", "FRC", "Lowering/Raising", "Stenhouse", "Daughter"; and/or
  • MAIB has made a recommendation on "Lifeboats and Launching Equipment"; and/or
  • MAIB has recorded details of the lifeboat(s) included in the incident. 

These results have then been edited to remove irrelevant cases. (e.g. where text included information about the attendance of a shore-based lifeboat). Some incidents may be duplicated within the supplied Word2002 document.  

Data Confidentiality  

Efforts have been made to remove vessel names/other identifying details from any text etc. describing an incident and readers are requested to please ignore/remove any such details that may have been missed.  

The full report may be downloaded here: Incidents involving Lifeboats. 

Contact: Howard Snaith