US issues further guidance on ballast water rules

Following comments and questions received by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) after the release of the latest ballast water rules, a further notice has now been issued to assist the industry in implementation of the new rules. This has taken the form of a guidance note which amends and comments upon the Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC).

Of particular relevance to members is the extension of the enforcement date to 1November 2004 in order to allow vessel owners and operators to apply the requirements for the first time and for USCG officers to promote the widest possible dissemination of the information on the ballast rule. The remainder of the document clarifies definitions within the new rules and gives guidance on how to fill out the Ballast Water Reporting Form.

Further reference to the new rules is made in Weekly NEWS No. 32 of 6 August 2004. The NVIC together with two rules are given below:

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 07-04 (NVIC)

Mandatory Ballast Water Management

Mandatory Ballast Water Reporting

Contact: Tim Wilkins