The USCG Marine Safety Office Honolulu has recently reported that a high percentage of antennas equipped to Satellite 406 Cat I EPIRBs (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon), product number 2754, manufactured by ACR Electronics Incorporated have failed during dockside examinations of Commercial Fishing Vessels.

On several occasions the antenna's outer rubber coating was discovered ripped or torn. Closer inspection often revealed extensive internal corrosion. Other antennas showed no perforations on the outer rubber coating but displayed bulges on the antenna near its base. Upon closer inspection when the bulging area was sliced open, total wastage of the antenna interior was revealed.


It is reported that evidence of a corrosion failure may be discovered when the antenna is unscrewed from the EPIRB body assembly. Rusty liquid dripping from the antenna or moisture present inside the threaded section are tell tale signs of failing equipment.


ACR Electronics has acknowledged receipt of the failed antennas and has initiated a study to determine the cause and scope of the problem. We have been informed that ACR will replace damaged antennas at no cost to the owner. Should you encounter similar problems with your vessel's 2754 EPIRB antenna, contact ACR Electronics Customer Service Representatives at (800) 432-0227, ext. 110 to receive a replacement antenna.


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