U.S.Coast Guard report on Bow Mariner loss

INTERTANKO notes and acknowledges the significant and important findings and conclusions of the U.S. Coast Guard report on the loss of the Bow Mariner in February 2004.

The ship’s Master, Captain Efstratios Kavouras, died as a result of this accident along with 20 of the other 26 men crewing the vessel. The U.S. Coast Guard has laid particular emphasis on the Master's decision to open the lids of 22 tanks that had been carrying MTBE, an action that contravened accepted practice as well as the manager's operating instructions.

We have already been reviewing this incident as part of the Inter Industry Group (IIG) – which comprises CEFIC, IACS, IAPH, ICS, INTERTANKO, IPTA, OCIMF - investigating a number of explosions on smaller chemical and products tankers. Much of the U.S. Coast Guard information on the Bow Mariner incident has already been made available to the IIG and will form a key part of its conclusions and recommendations. The IIG has been invited by the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee to submit the results of its work as soon as it is complete, which is expected to be end January or early February this year.

The Bow Mariner report will be reviewed further within the Association and its relevant committees so that we can formulate a proper response to its recommendations.

The report, which we recommend to all our members, is available here.

Contact: Howard Snaith