United Kingdom Immigration visa requirements

Members are reminded that the U.K. Immigration Service has in force requirements for certain nationalities to hold entry visas for the UKbefore arrival in the U.K. 

The U.K. Government has provided a web site indicating which nationalities require entry visas and this site can be accessed here 

The requirement for visas does not apply to crew members but it is important to note that it does apply to any supernumeraries (including wives and dependents of crew members) that may be onboard at the time of entry. 

UK visas will not be issued at the port of arrival. In practical terms it is therefore important that your supernumeraries have in place the necessary entry visas prior to boarding the vessel. 

The legislation also states that a £2000 per person fine will be levied for failure to meet the requirement.  

We also draw members' attention to the fact that U.K. immigration officers will check to ensure that every crew member listed does indeed have a proper function as a seaman onboard the vessel. 

We have also included a document entitled "A Guide for Shipping Agents where amongst the full details it is also stated that crew lists should be delivered or faxed as soon as possible but certainly within 12 hours of the vessel's arrival. 

We also draw particular attention to the section entitled "carriers Liability act"which states that this legislation is aimed primarily at passenger-carrying companies but may also be applied to cargo ships which carry passengers, supernumeraries or illegal entrants. The legislation carries a £2000 fine on the shipping company for each passenger brought into the U.K. without proper identity documents or without a visa when a visa is required. 

If in any doubt we recommend you seek clarification with your local agent prior to the vessel's arrival in the United Kingdom. 

Contact: Howard Snaith