WARNING: Malacca Straits - kidnap and ransom incidents

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) issued a warning following three serious attacks two weeks ago when the crew was kidnapped for ransom in the MalaccaStrait. Heavily armed pirates boarded ships and seized the master and one or two crew members and took them ashore. The pirates did not steal any property and the sole aim was to kidnap the crew. 

These are the first serious incidents in the MalaccaStrait since the tsunami hit the region three months ago. 

The following is a list of areas where an actual attack took place in the period 22-28 March 2005, as reported by the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. A more detailed description of each incident can be found in the IMB website. 

Balikpapan coal terminal, Indonesia

Pertamina jetty - 1, Tg. Gerem, Indonesia (05:58.3S - 105:59.4E)

Chittagong Alfa anchorage, Bangladesh 

Kindly note that the piracy reports cover all types of ships. 

Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso