INTERTANKO's Navigation Working Group is a working group within the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC).

Its aim is to improve standards, layout, training, maintenance and operation of navigational equipment in general and to review particular issues in this field as necessary and required, to assist ISTEC in their deliberations. To review the working group terms of reference click here.

INTERTANKO members are encouraged to submit any issues pertaining to navigation to the Navigation Working Group (NWG) for further discussion and action, as they consider appropriate. Suggestions on such issues are below: 

  • Navigational hazards
  • Navigational equipment
  • Sharing ideas for improved safety of navigation
  • Training standards
  • Any other issues of interest related to navigational systems or related systems

Material of this kind may be sent to Dr Phil Belcher at 

Information that is of interest to the tanker industry as a whole will be published with the permission of the provider. INTERTANKO will remove any references to the company name and/or other type of identification, unless otherwise instructed.

Latest Navigation Updates

12.09.2014 - 10:50 GMT

Solar storm – possible disruption of GPS, particularly 12 and 13 September

Following intense solar flare activity the Earth should be experiencing a solar storm event, which was caused by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun. This storm will be at its greatest durin...... Login to view this article

12.09.2014 - 10:47 GMT

US Coast Guard issue Safety Alert on Air draft (draught)

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Inspections and Compliance Directorate has issued Marine Safety Alert 09-14 which has been released due to the frequency of overhead bridge strikes in the recen...... Login to view this article

29.08.2014 - 10:30 GMT

Northern Sea Route update

The Northern Sea Route (NSR) connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Basins along the coast of Northern Russia opened 21 August for the 2014 ‘season’ to allow commercial shipping traffic to pass. It is...... Login to view this article

30.05.2014 - 10:38 GMT

Singapore MPA releases recommendations after incident investigations

At a briefing to the shipping industry on Thursday this week, Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) released a summary of its investigation into the three collision incidents that took plac...... Login to view this article


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