Australian Maritime Safety Authority to host e-navigation usability workshop

To assist in the development of IMO’s e-navigation strategy implementation plan, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is hosting an e-navigation usability workshop on 5 and 6 March 2013 in Australia. All interested parties are invited to attend this free event.

The aim of the workshop is to further discussion and develop guidance on:

  1. The usability of navigational equipment.
  2. Quality assurance of software used in navigational systems (including updating regimes for software-driven applications).
  3. Human element issues associated with e-navigation.

It is envisaged that the workshop will develop a draft methodology for evaluating the usability of navigational equipment. The workshop output will be submitted to IMO NAV 59, which will meet in September 2013.

A programme of sessions and topics to be considered is under development and will be made available via the IMO Correspondence Group on e-navigation, the IALA e-Navigation Committee and on AMSA’s website (

To download the registration form/flyer, please click here.

Contact: John Boreman