INTERTANKO takes renewed action against Orinoco River navigation hazards

In 2005 INTERTANKO sent a letter plus reminders to the Instituto Nacional de Canalizaciones (INC) referring to the appalling conditions of fairway marking buoys and the lack of vital safety information in the OrinocoRiver, but no reply has been received. INTERTANKO has again this week, after receipt of further input from the membership, sent a fresh appeal to the INC for remedial action. 

INTERTANKO finds it unacceptable that, for instance, some 100 out of approximately 200 buoys are reported to be either out of position, missing or unlit. The “Deficiency List” is not even distributed to the river pilots and available charts are not updated. 

Click hereto view INTERTANKO’s approach to INC. 

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen