Marine Electronic Highway Project – Agreements signed

The IMO-led initiative of the Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) for the Straits of Malacca and Singapore made further progress on 8 September in Jakarta when the littoral states of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and the IMO signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Implementation of the regional MEH demonstration project. Also signed by the three littoral states was a Memorandum of Agreement together with INTERTANKO, ICS and the International Hydrographic Organisation. This agreement by industry will ensure that sufficient ships with electronic chart display information systems (ECDIS) will participate in the demonstration project.

The next stage of the MEH project is that the project implementation plan will be finalised, which will lead to the establishment of the project office in Batam, Indonesia, and the steering committee, and to the commencement of the resurveying work of the Straits. The aim is that in the fourth year of the project vessels will be provided with electronic navigational charts (ENCs) together with a system that will allow navigators to have access to accurate information on the depth and topography of the Straits as well as real time data on tides and currents. This project will significantly enhance the safety of navigation in the region and protection of the marine environment and INTERTANKO is proud to have led industry's commitment and cooperation.


Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis