INTERTANKO Oslo 2013 Security Workshop

Held on 31 May as part of INTERTANKO’s Annual Event will be a security workshop focusing on the Gulf of Guinea (GoG). We are pleased to now be able to announce the identities of our two eminent speakers:

Arsenio Dominguez, Chairman of IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Working Group on Maritime Security and Piracy

Mark Myles, Divisional Vetting Manager at V.Ships Ship Management in Glasgow

This will be an interactive forum in which delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the issues, inform the debate and generate a useful output, so those taking part will not merely be sitting and listening.

The format of the event is as follows:
– Chair’s introduction
– Arsenio Dominguez: International response to GoG security situation
– Q&A
– Break out session – What more should the international community be doing?
– Report back and discussion
– Break
– Mark Myles: Operational Viewpoint – A Ships Manager’s experience in the GoG
– Q&A
– Break out session – Operational experience – how can we improve security on board and deal with attacks?
– Report back and discussion
– Chair’s summary

Worsening situation – a background
The security situation in the GoG has deteriorated with more attacks, the hijacking of vessels, illegal oil transfers and extreme violence meted out to seafarers. INTERTANKO has worked with its industry partners to produce a set of best practice guidelines for ships operating in the area. The military and other State security parties have become more involved, while private security is operating in the area and ships are hardened against attack. But what more can and should be done to protect seafarers and ships operating in this vitally important area? Avoidance will never be an option so long as the world needs the energy resources held there.

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For reference, the abridged CVs for the speakers are obtainable here.

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