Absence of Tokyo MoU data in EQUASIS to be rectified

Despite concerted efforts by INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO at meetings in St Petersburg, Tokyo and London over the last four months, the latest Tokyo MoU port state control ship inspection data is still not being made available to EQUASIS. The last supply of data from Asia Pacific Maritime Information & Advisory Services (APMIAS), the Tokyo MoU data provider based in Vladivostok, was submitted in February 2003.

As the depth of the problem which existed between APMIAS and EQUASIS became apparent, demands were made for an early return to normal data reporting. Unfortunately, the Tokyo MoU administration has so far been unable to come up with a solution.

Given the importance of the EQUASIS database (international public database for safety-related information on ships) for establishing the PSC detention and deficiency records for international shipping, the Round Table of international maritime associations (RTima) decided to contact John Mansell, the Chairman of the Tokyo MoU, to seek his assistance and to express its extreme disappointment at the current situation.

The RTima has been advised that a General Meeting of the Tokyo MoU is planned for February 2004 in Vanuatu, to which George Barclay, Director of EQUASIS, has been invited. The RTima has been given an undertaking that a solution to this problem will be found then, demonstrating that Tokyo MoU fully accepts that EQUASIS has increasingly become the ‘one-stop-shop’ for comprehensive data on PSC ship inspections.

In the meantime the results of the 20,000 PSC ship inspections carried out annually in the Asia Pacific Region by members of the Tokyo MoU are available on the Tokyo MoU website.

Contact: Dragos Rauta