Australia informs IMO on its policy on the accelerated phase-out of single-hulled oil tankers

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has issued Marine Notice 13/2004 reminding owners and operators of Australian ships of the accelerated phase-out of single-hulled oil tankers, the condition assessment scheme, and carriage of heavy fuel oil. It also gives information that AMSA has advised the IMO that:

- from 2010, AMSA will deny entry into Australian ports or offshore terminals for the  single-hulled tankers EXCEPT single-hulled oil tankers with double bottom or double sides which comply with specific provisions in Regulation 13G (5), which will be permitted entry until 2015.

- from April 2005, Australia will deny entry into its ports or offshore terminals to all single-hulled oil tankers carrying heavy grade oil as cargo that have been permitted to continue operating under the exemptions given in regulation 13H by their Flag States and will deny ship-to-ship transfers of heavy grade oil in areas under its jurisdiction except when this is necessary for the purpose of securing the safety of a ship or saving life at sea.

Contact: Dragos Rauta