BUNKER ALERT: Fuels containing used lube oil in Singapore and Kaohsiung

Within the last two weeks of February, DNV Petroleum Services has received several fuel oil samples from bunker deliveries in Singapore and Kaohsiung containing metals indicating the presence of new and /or used lubricating oil (ULO). The inference is based on the presence of the lubricating oil’s signature elements such as zinc, phosphorus and calcium. These metals will contribute to fuel ash but the ash levels of the said samples are within the ISO 8217:1996 fuel specifications.

Based on previous cases of suspected ULO contamination in which no problems were reported by vessels registered in the DNV FQT programme, we do not anticipate operational problems in this instance. However, we recommend that all ships bunkering (or which have bunkered) in Singapore and Kaohsiung during this period to carefully observe operations and notify DNV Petroleum Services of any anomalous fuel performance.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services