BUNKER ALERT: High abrasives fuels in Singapore

Over the past week, DNV Petroleum Services has analysed several residual fuel oil samples from Singapore with Aluminium plus Silicon (Al + Si) content exceeding the ISO 8217: 1996 specification of maximum 80 ppm. The Al + Si levels in the said samples ranged from 86 mg/kg to 123 mg/kg. Although the bunker receipts accompanying the samples indicated the fuels to be IFO 380 cSt, the analysis results confirmed that these

fuels were actually IFO 180 cSt. While the tested density values were fairly consistent with the bunker receipt values, this would imply that the fuels in question had a higher than expected CCAI (Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index) value. CCAI is regarded as an indicator of fuel ignition quality. Given their actual viscosity, it should also be noted that the fuels would require less pre-heating to maintain the correct 'injection viscosity’.

If your vessel recently bunkered, or will be bunkering, in Singapore, please ensure that the quality of the fuel is known before use. Efficient centrifuging of the fuel is most important to reduce Al + Si to an acceptable level for diesel engine use.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services