BUNKER ALERT: High density fuels in Piraeus

Based on analyses by DNV Petroleum Services, 19 per cent of residual fuel oil samples received recently from the port of Piraeus exceeded the ISO 8217:1996 density specification of maximum 991.0 kg/m3. The highest density value of the subject samples was 992.0 kg/m3 and the average density value was 991.7 kg/m3.

Catalytic fines content (Al+Si), although within specification, averaged 35 ppm. At this level, efficient centrifuging is required to prepare the fuel for engine operation. For optimum performance with conventional centrifuges, it is recommended that the unit(s) be operated as clarifier(s) -- in parallel, if more than one unit is available, and at minimum flow rate.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services