BUNKER ALERT: High abrasives fuel in Rotterdam

Recently, DNV Petroleum Services has analysed a number of fuel samples originating from the port of Rotterdam with high Aluminium plus Silicon (Al + Si) content exceeding the ISO 8217 specification of not more than 80 ppm. The highest value for Al + Si content in the said samples was 430 ppm. At this level, optimum centrifuge performance would probably not provide adequate reduction of total abrasives for safe operation.

There are several suppliers delivering marine residual fuel oil in the port of Rotterdam, some of whom are offering fuels with Al + Si content of less than 20 ppm, while others are providing fuels in the 50 ppm to 80 ppm range. If your vessel recently bunkered in this area, DNV Petroleum Services recommend that you ensure that the fuel quality is known before using it. Efficient centrifuging of the fuel is most important to reduce abrasive contaminants (Al + Si) to an acceptable level. Maintain fuel temperature at 98°C and use minimum possible flow rate. DNV Petroleum Services recommend operation of conventional centrifuges in series as purifier/clarifier. Check to ensure the correct gravity ring is in use. For fuels with excessive levels of abrasive contaminants conventional centrifuges should be operated in parallel as clarifiers.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services