BUNKER ALERT: High abrasives fuels in Philadelphia

Over the past two weeks, DNV Petroleum Services has analysed several HFO samples from the port of Philadelphia with Aluminium plus Silicon (Al + Si) content exceeding the ISO 8217: 1996 specification of maximum 80 ppm. The Al + Si levels in these samples range from 106 ppm to 163 ppm with an average of 132 ppm.

Efficient centrifuging is essential for all fuels, including those that meet the Al + Si specification, so as to reduce the abrasive contaminants to an acceptable level. However, given such high levels of Al + Si found in the said samples, it may prove difficult for centrifuges to achieve effective and sufficient reduction of abrasives to prevent increased wear rates in cylinder units and fuel pump assemblies.

If your vessel recently bunkered, or will be bunkering, in Philadelphia, please ensure that the fuel quality is known before use.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services