BUNKER ALERT: High catalyst content fuel in Houston, Texas

Recently, DNV Petroleum Services has received several fuel samples from the port of Houston with high Aluminium plus Silicon (Al + Si) content. The Al + Si levels ranged from 85 ppm – marginally above the ISO 8217:1996 specification -- to as high as 238 ppm. Even with optimum on board treatment, fuels with very high levels of Al + Si content would exceed the capability of even very efficient centrifuges.

Efficient centrifuging for those fuels marginally above specification is necessary to reduce abrasive contaminants (Al + Si) to an acceptable level for diesel engine use. Maintain fuel temperature at 98°C and use minimum possible flow rate. We recommend operation of conventional centrifuges in series as purifier/clarifier. Check to ensure the correct gravity ring is in use.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services