BUNKER ALERT: High water content fuels in Novorossisk, Russia

Recently, DNV Petroleum Services has received several HFO samples from bunkerings in Novorossisk, Russia, five of which have water content exceeding the maximum level stated in ISO 8217:1996 Fuel Specifications (1.0 %v/v). The water content of the samples ranges from 1.5% to 2.5% v/v. Based on the sodium content, some of the contamination appears to be sea water.

If your vessel has recently bunkered in Novorossisk, please ensure that the fuel quality is known before using it. Due to the risk of engine shut-down, the removal of water is vital. Prolonged settling, frequent draining and efficient centrifuging are important. If no significant amount of water is visible at the drains, then an emulsion breaker injected at the correct dosage and with plenty of turbulence, for example at the transfer pump suction, may help.  Apart from the technical aspects, high water content also represents a financial loss that would justify compensation from the supplier.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services