Bunker Alert: Chlorinated contaminants + naphthalene found in fuels from UAE

DNV Petroleum Services recently received reports of engine problems from a number of ships after using bunker fuel lifted at Fujairah during the second half of March this year. These ships experienced damage to fuel valves as well as sticking of the engine fuel pumps, plunger and barrels followed by rapid failure of the fuel pump units. Thus far, DNVPS is aware of at least two ships which, after using the contaminated fuels, experienced fuel pumps and fuel valves failure on both auxiliary and main engines. One of the ships suffered complete engine black-out at sea and required tug assistance to port. Due to the seriousness of the reported engine problems, if your vessel has bunkered in Fujairah during the second half of March 2004, or will be bunkering in this port, please ensure that the fuel quality is known before use. Please note that this Bunker Quality Alert is a value-added service intended for members of the DNV FQT programme and may not be released to any third party without written permission. BUNKER ALERT, REF : 10/2004 DNV PETROLEUM SERVICES 08-APR-2004 For full details of the chlorinated contaminants and naphthalene see: /upload/26817/BA%2310_08Apr2004_HighClorinatedContaminantsNaphthalene%20(2).pdf