CAS for single hulls with heavy grades of crude oil applies to vessels over 15 years

When the following article appeared in Weekly NEWS No. 42 of 15 October 2004 an incorrect figure of 940 was included, for which we apologise. This should have read: “between 900 and 944.9 kg/ m3”.as follows:

MARPOL Regulation 13H is intended to prohibit the transportation of heavy grade oils (HGO) in single hull tankers. However, this regulation has provisions under which some single hull tankers might be allowed to carry HGO under certain circumstances.

One such provision is in paragraph 6 (a), which states that certain single hull tankers may be allowed to transport crude oils with densities between 900 and 944.9 kg/m3 “…if satisfactory results of the Condition Assessment Schemereferred to in regulation 13G(6) warrant that…… the ship is fit”. This could be interpreted as meaning that 13H 6 (a) requires CAS as a pre-condition for all single hull tankers irrespective of their age.

INTERTANKO sought clarification in order to dispel any confusion over the application of CAS which could have a negative effect on the planning of ship surveys and on contractual obligations, and to enable Flag Administrations and Recognised Organisations to apply the same procedure in such cases.

At the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee 52nd session (MEPC 52) this week it was agreed that under regulation 13H 6 (a) CAS is required for single hull tankers of 15 years of age and above only.

Contact: Dragos Rauta