Design and Equipment Committee holds extended Session at IMO

The International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Design and Equipment sub-Committee convened this week for an eight-day meeting to cover an extensive agenda. Key issues included the amendments to Resolution A.744 on surveys and inspections for tankers, lifeboat safety, means of access to cargo tanks and the protection of fuel tanks.

Work began this week on some of the more substantive items on the agenda and the assigning of the working groups, including one focused on the amendments to A.744 on surveys and inspections of tankers. Together with this working group, specific drafting groups have also been established.

The first drafting group has the considerable task of working on the various lifeboat issues, including the drafting of guidelines on drills, maintenance and simulated launches for free-fall lifeboats. A second drafting group will focus on the amendments to SOLAS and the means of access to cargo and ballast tanks. This latter issue required an extensive discussion during the plenary session on Friday this week..

The week ahead will see the sub-Committee’s attention diverted to work on anchoring, mooring and towing equipment, the protection of fuel tanks, guidelines for on-board exhaust gas cleaning systems, and the protection of tanker pump-rooms. INTERTANKO will be presenting its paper on the pump-room protection issue, in which it will also be promoting the use of emergency response systems.

A full account of the meeting's outcome will be given in next week’s Weekly NEWS.

Contact: Dragos Rauta