Development of regulations to support the Canada Shipping Act 2001

On 16 December 2003 the Canadian Coast Guard issued a Press Release giving an update on the Canada Shipping Act Regulatory Reform. Royal Assent was given on 1 November 2001 to the Canada Shipping Act (CSA), 2001, which event marked the first of two steps in the modernisation process of the Canada Shipping Act, the principal legislation governing the activities of Canadian ships and foreign ships in Canadian waters.

The second and final stage has now been reached, which is the development of the regulations needed to support the new Act. Stakeholders and concerned members of the public are invited to make their views, concerns and recommendations known.

The Press Release provides further information and a number of links including one to the Canada Shipping Act Reform Site of the Canadian Coast Guard where the modernisation process is explained.

It appears that the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 does not change the substance of the previous Shipping Act and that it has been only reorganised, updated and streamlined. The CSA 2001 has new provisions to strengthen the government's ability to manage Canada's national system of oil spill preparedness and response, and it mandates the establishment of the User Committee and of the National Advisory Council. It also retains the current Regional Advisory Council. The Canadian Coast Guard will also have the authority to audit oil handling facilities and response organisations, to certify response organisations and monitor these groups' activities including training, drills and actual response to spills.

Contact: Dragos Rauta