Draft amendments to SOLAS II-1/3-4 – Emergency towing arrangements

At the IMO’s 49th Session of the Design and Equipment Sub-Committee (DE49) last week, it was agreed that Regulation 3-4 – Emergency towing arrangements on tankers should be amended to: 

-         include emergency towing procedures which

-         should then apply to all ship types of 500 gt and above 

Click here for the text of the amendments (shaded). 

DE 49 agreed that the emergency towing procedures should also be required on existing ships. It was, however, recognised that there might be possible difficulties regarding the application to existing ships for which certain information, e.g. capacity of bollards, might be lacking. However, DE 49 agreed to take all these into account when developing the guidelines for procedures.  

DE 49 also noted that SOLAS regulation II-1/3-4 requires emergency towing arrangements on tankers of 20,000 dwt and above and that most of those ships are provided with relevant procedures anyway. It was therefore agreed to require that the new procedures also be applied to such tankers. 

Finally, it was concluded that Flag Administrations need only verify that such procedures are available on board, rather than approving or giving certification for the content of these procedures. The emergency towing procedures would be added to the list of documents to be carried on board ships.  

Contact: Dragos Rauta