EU workshop on low-emission shipping

On 4-5 September 2003.the European Commission organised a workshop on low-emission shipping. The Commission’s aim was to discuss current and future practices for reducing emissions from vessels as well as to present the consultancy Nera’s report on market-based instruments to achieve abatement of shipping emissions.

The workshop was well attended by MemberStates, industry, and NGOs as well as the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on Sulphur in Fuel, Mr. Alexander de Roo.

The discussions focussed heavily on the possibilities of using low sulphur in fuel, scrubbing, emissions trading, Selective Catalytic Reduction and charges/taxes.

The Nera report will recommend future options for measures to be taken to reduce air emissions from ships. Possible new EU legislation on air emissions from ships might well form a part of the Clean Air For Europe (CAFE) programme, which will have a specific chapter on the maritime sector. There will be more information on this next year.

Contact: Dragos Rauta