European Union (EU) interim ban on a specific p/v valve type

We have just learned that the European Commission has recently endorsed an interim measure taken by the government of Denmark in respect of high velocity pressure/vacuum relief valves model NEW-ISO-HV manufactured by Tanktech of Korea.  

Click here to view the EU document.  

In brief, it recommends that all EU Member States take measures to remove from their flagged tankers all NEW-ISO-HV-80 p/v valves produced before 1 January 2003. It also recommends that all such p/v valves installed after 1 January 2003 be examined as soon as possible. In addition, within maximum six months, all parties involved should carry out joint tests on all new types of p/v valves of the model NEW-ISO-HV of all sizes.  

The background to this decision is briefly as follows. Both measurements onboard various tankers and in laboratory tests revealed overpressure during the loading of tanks equipped with these p/v valves and problems arose with the valve's lift system assembly that would prohibit this p/v valve from meeting the SOLAS requirements for 30m/s venting. It was also noted that NEW-ISO-HV-80 p/v valves installed in different tankers had booster discs of different values (between 150mm and 155mm). Tests revealed that the valve with the 150 mm diameter booster disc had quite different peak pressure and flow characteristics than those displayed by the valve with the 155 mm booster disc, which was the approved prototype.  

We stress that the decision has been taken by the EU and it affects only EU flagged tankers. However, we recommend that all members who have such p/v valves installed on their tankers contact their classification society for further information and eventual recommendations. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta