Fuel quality crucial for safety and environmental protection

One of the crucial factors in ship operation and air emissions from ships is in the bunkering – the quality of the fuel received is vital for the safety of the ship at sea as well as for environmental protection, said INTERTANKO’s Technical and Engineering Director Dragos Rauta at this week’s  Platts Bunker and Residual Fuel Conference in New Orleans.

Rauta’s presentation entitled ‘Environmental and regulatory issues in the bunker/fueloil markets’  explores the challenges of reducing emissions of SOx with lower sulphur fuels, and of  NOx with a new generation of engines, as well as of Volatile Organic Compounds from the cargo. It also looks at regulatory developments in both international and regional contexts and at how these need careful handling so that they work in practice in the maritime context.

Click here for the full text of the presentation and the powerpoint presentation

Contact:  Dragos Rauta