Goal Based Construction Standards - steady progress in IMO

The IMO Maritime Safety Committee held its 80th session (MSC 80) 11-20 May 2005. One of the major issues addressed was dedicated to the development of the framework for Goal Based Construction Standards (GBS). For those not familiar with the issue, GBS is an attempt to supplement IMO rules with new regulations that would improve the regulatory regime for ship design and ship building.  

Although the GBS will cover all ship types, it was agreed that in the first instance, the regulations should address oil tankers and bulk carriers. The issue is complex and turned out to be quite controversial since there are two schools of thought on how to achieve the GBS.  

So far, the progress is in line with the policy adopted by INTERTANKO, which is a fast track and which would easily allow the use of the new common structural rules for tankers developed by IACS to become an important tool of GBS implementation. The most difficult part of this development is the establishment of a verification system and an agreement as to who should perform such verification. MSC 80 established a correspondence group which will attempt to clarify the concept of a verification system.  

INTERTANKO is taking an active part in the developments under the supervision of the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC).

 Contact: Dragos Rauta